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Saturday, 15 May 2010

A sunny day

Today was the first warm day in a long time. I almost said first 'sunny' day, but admittedly, it has been rather sunny this past week. More than not. Perfect for a visit to the London Zoo. The ticket price is extortionary, but if you're feeling up to the commitment, the membership pays itself off after 2 visits, pretty much. The rainforest garden is especially enticing, because of the proximity that it allows to the creatures in the mist. After taking in the animals for a few hours, I wondered into town down the Baker Street, eventually popping into Dover Street Market to see what's new in store. For anyone feeling a bit strapped for cash to splash out for normal CDG prices, the Black collection offers popular cuts from the mainline in less expensive fabrics (eg, cotton twill vs.  pre-wrinkled poly blend or worsted wool).  The result still screams Comme, but with less of a shock to the pocketbook. I admit being late to the game to tout this line, but I guess that's because I was always going straight up to the 3rd floor first.

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